2Plus exhibit at the 2019 EMANZ Conference

For the second year running the 2Plus team are at the EMANZ Conference, in Wellington May 29th & 30th.  This year’s theme is ‘Shaping Our Low Emissions Future’, with speakers looking at how businesses engage with staff, suppliers and customers to change behaviours and how organisations can develop strategies and plans to reduce emissions.

Our 2Plus team is showing how the DeCalon system is used in cooling systems to deliver energy and water savings without the need for hazardous chemicals. The innovation provides a green technology solution for large building HVAC systems and industrial chiller circuits.

2Plus was created to bring technologies to New Zealand and Australian businesses which improve their competitiveness, make them safer places to work and reduce their consumption of natural resources. Exhibiting at the EMANZ conference is an important part of that process.

For more info on the conference: www.emanz.org.nz/emanz-conference-2019