General Description

CataGreenTM functions in series with the DeCaIonTM descaling system to manage micro-organisms at safe levels in evaporative cooling systems, eliminating the need for chemical biocides.CataGreenTM modules contain an adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) inhibitor immobilised on a fluidised bed comprising purpose-designed polymer beads.

ATP is a complex macromolecule that serves as the primary energy currency within all living cells. Without the ability to create ATP, micro-organisms such as bacteria, algae and fungi, effectively starve and die.


  • Non-hazardous and safe for the environment – no more chemical handling and no toxic biocides in your waste stream.
  • Cost competitive with chemical biocides.
  • Self-regenerating active component – modules have a six month service life.
  • Compatible with all forms of evaporative cooling equipment.
  • Highly effective over a wide pH range.
  • Integrated with the DeCaIonTM non-chemical descaling system.