Thinking Differently

For truly restorative solutions we need to think differently. Green Chemistry provides a framework for pursuing science in the most creative, innovative and responsible manner possible.

About us

New Zealand and Australian organisations face a complex challenge in remaining competitive while striving to reduce their impact on the natural environment and provide safe and healthy work places.

At 2Plus our goal is to help industry negotiate that challenge by applying the principles of green chemistry. 2Plus provide technologies which meet the needs of our economic, social and environmental systems, by design.

2Plus was created to bring technologies to New Zealand and Australian businesses which improve their competitiveness, make them safer places to work and reduce their consumption of natural resources. We want to provide products that help clients reduce consumption of natural resources. Products that contribute to growing strong, profitable business sectors that produce true economic, ecological and social value.

Gavin and Andrew - 2plus
For more information contact:

Andrew Coker


Graduated MBA and has over 30 years experience in large New Zealand and multi-national companies involved in chemicals, export-manufacturing and independent food and industrial quality assurance. Andrew Coker

Gavin Cherrie


Gavin holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Marketing, a post Graduate Diploma in Dairy Science and Technology and has completed the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute's Essentials of Biomimicry diploma. Gavin Cherrie

In Australia contact:

Dave Skitt

Regional Sales Manager

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