Commercial Building Application – Cleanroom, Singapore

The DCI Device was brought on stream at a University Cleanroom with excellent results.

The challenge
Two water cooled package refrigeration units are used to control temperature and humidity in the University Cleanroom. Prior to the collection of base line data the cooling towers were given a full chemical clean. This step was repeated before the DCI was brought on stream.

Test results
Refer to Figures 1, 2 & 3.
Points A to B on figure 1 show the base line data collection period following the chemical clean. The system average power consumption was 52.6kW. Point B shows the power consumption of the system after chemical clean at 44kW.

Point B to Point C shows the DCI stabilization and cleaning period where the power consumption plateaued at 43.4kW.

Points C to D show the equilibrium period where the DCI is maintaining the system in a clean state.

Figures 2 & 3 show the corresponding reduction in variation in the cleanroom temperature and Relative Humidity.


Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3




Test Outcomes

• Power saving of 17.4 % from improved heat transfer in condensers and cooling towers.
• The Cleanroom temperature is more consistent and closer to the set point (23°C) at equilibrium after the cooling tower/water system is fully cleaned. Average temp difference from set point = 0.4ºC
• The RH is less variable and closer to the set point (65%). After the cooling tower/water system is fully cleaned the average RH difference from set point dropped from 11.50% to 4.84%

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16 February 2016